Zero Waste ! Pineapple leather – the plant-based vegan leather now is available !

During the pineapple leaves fiber processing , there are pulps becoming the by products as well . Normally , the pulps are back to the filed as the fertilizer . We now cooperate with Taiwan company – Foremost group to make them into circular economic leather product with the following feathers :


  1. Partial Biodegradable

  2. Eco-friendly & Non-toxtic

  3. Zero waste

   4. Washable and water resistant


The pulp during the processing

The special pineapple leather is with 3 layers . The backing , the lamination and the top layer .

The pulp during the pineapple fiber processing are now also reused

Regarding the backing layer , customers are free to choose the fabric material . With cooperation of PANEX  (The brand of our vegan leather partner ) , we now offer the fabric made of recycle pet and pineapple fiber together .

Backing from PANEX

Then regarding the top layer , the pulps are processed as the recycle resin (GRS certificated ) then are added to the top layer with different formula .

                                                                                          Samples from PANEX

The new idea of this plant based vegan leather we are offering , the pulps are as the material in order to approach the value-add design product to enter the world and to reach the zero waste goal . The leather could be designed as the follow products with excellent features of steady capacity, water resistance and are very suitable for mass production .


  1. Footwear

  2. Apparel

  3. Handbags

  4. Electronics accessories

  5. Car seats

  6. Sofa

  7. Bike seats


For more information , we are pleased to introduce you to visit our partner’s website as below :