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We were all farmers in south Taiwan conducting pineapple cultivation since year 2008 . Mr. Ba , the founder , was retired from the semiconductor industry and back to the home town to enjoy the life .


He was the first to bring the smart agriculture technology to pineapple in Taiwan . By setting the sensor in the soil to obtain the data , Mr. Ba co-worked with the data science company to create the first AI model of pineapple cultivation in the world . But since the climate changes dramatically , the heavy rains or cool winds did harm during the harvest season more often than before , more and more young people leave the village and farmers’ income becomes unstable .


Mr. Ba decided to took action to make a change then to set Pinacell as a smart agriculture company to make a start .


In Taiwan , pineapple is one of the most important economic fruits for farmers . There are more than 10,000 hectares cultivated area among Taiwan and 30% of the area are located in Kaohsiung and Ping Tung  

(southern part of Taiwan ).


Farmers need to clean the leaves after the harvest . The cost to clean the farm become another burden once the income affected by the climate changes . Pinacell starts from the farm and understands the headache thus we devote ourselves as a solution provider from technology .


Collecting the leaves from the farmers we exchange the fertilizer as return . Then we invest the leaves deriving fiber machine to make the fibers production in commercial base . From the help of professional yarn factory , we successfully turn the leaves fiber into material , which is good for the sustainable develop goal (SDG).


We believe the multiapplication of pineapple leaves will be another solution for the suffering village and we hope to make the best practice combining the cross field cooperation with textile industry and plastic industry .